Duties of the Committee on Support Services

The Committee on Support Services shall review policies regarding, and the performance of, units which provide support for academic programs. The Committee shall make appropriate recommendations for Senate action.

The Committee shall serve as the Academic Calendar Committee and shall annually present a calendar to the Senate that defines the periods of registration, instruction, examination and vacation for the Campus. This calendar shall specify official University holidays and scheduled Senate meetings. The calendar shall also specify deviations required by any academic units. When developing the calendar, the committee shall consult with the Director of the Office of Admissions and Records or designee, ex officio without vote.

In the fulfillment of its charge, the Committee shall organize itself in such a way as to meet its and the Senate’s need for giving advice on the function of the following campus services: buildings and grounds; support staff; auxiliary services.

The Committee shall serve as the Senate’s advisor to the directors of the relevant units of the formulation and implementation of policies governing operation of the units. The Committee shall advise the Chancellor on the appointment of, and on the periodic evaluation of, the directors of the relevant units.