Duties of the Committee on External Relations and Public Service

The Committee on External Relations and Public Service shall be concerned with:

  1. liaison between the Campus and extra-mural boards (other than the Board of Trustees and the Illinois Board of Higher Education), agencies and organizations;
  2. the perception of the Campus by the news media and the general public;
  3. nominations for honorary degrees and other awards;
  4. campus services to individuals and organizations both on and off campus.

The Committee shall maintain communication where appropriate with the University, state, local and federal officials and boards to ensure that the views and interests of the Campus and the University are understood.

The Committee shall concern itself with Campus and University efforts that shape the public’s perception and understanding of the Campus and the University.

The Committee shall develop criteria, invite and review recommendations, and prepare for presentation to the Senate nominees for honorary degrees or other citations and awards to individuals who are not members of the University academic community.