Duties of the Executive Committee

  1. Provide ways for the academic community to influence and be responsive to administrative policies and practices.
  2. When necessary, act on behalf of, and speak for, the Senate; however, all such Committee actions shall be subject to review and ratification by the Senate.
  3. Give advice to the Chancellor and the President on the first appointment and annual appointments of the Provost and all vice chancellors and to the President on first appointment and annual appointment of the Chancellor.
  4. Facilitate communication between the Senate and the Campus faculty and student body, offices and agencies within the University, and, where appropriate, individuals or organizations external to the University. In carrying out this latter function, the Executive Committee shall work closely with the Committee on External Relations and Public Service. The Senate’s observers to meetings of the Board of Trustees of the University shall be drawn by and from among the members of the Executive Committee.
  5. Monitors and advises the Chancellor on intercollegiate (varsity) athletics and intramural sports as they relate to University academic and educational objectives.
  6. Manages the business of the Senate, prepares the Senate agenda, and presents the standing rules to the Senate annually.
  7. Supervise and coordinate the work of Senate committees, including referral to appropriate committees of issues brought to the Executive Committee, and assure that assigned committee functions are deliberated, completed and reported in a reasonable time.
  8. Through a Nominating Committee appointed by the Chair, provide nominees for all Senate officers and committee memberships that require Senate election. This committee may also be asked to provide nominees for other positions for which the Senate may be asked to name members.
  9. Annually review the process and results of Senate elections submitted by voting units responsible for faculty and student elections. If, in the committee’s judgment there are questions about process, discuss such questions with and make recommendations to the unit’s election committee.
  10. Report at each regular Senate meeting.
  11. The Executive Committee shall oversee the review of all proposed amendments to the University of Illinois Statutes, Senate Constitution, and Senate Bylaws, and prepare all such proposals for presentation to the Senate. The evaluation process shall include the substantive review of such proposals by an appropriate Senate committee(s). At three-year intervals it shall appoint a subcommittee from its membership to review the charge to, function of, and membership of the Executive Committee; review the charge to and nature of the Executive Committee with regard to its general function, size and membership, and report its conclusions to the Senate.