Duties of the Committee on Educational Policy

The Committee on Educational Policy shall be the primary instrument for enabling the Senate to contribute to the development, maintenance, and evaluation of educational programs which are of the highest quality and which conforms to the stated scope and mission of the Campus and the University. Accordingly, it shall make recommendations to the Senate concerning Senate action on educational policy matters over which the Senate has legislative jurisdiction (University of Illinois Statutes, Article II, Section 1, Paragraph b-e), including but not necessarily limited to:

  1. Initiation or discontinuance of, or changes in, educational programs and curricula;
  2. Course offerings of non-degree granting units;
  3. Requirements for the awarding of degrees, certificates and honors;
  4. Experimental educational programs;
  5. Grading regulations;
  6. Continuing education and any other educational programs offered in the name of the Campus, including distance learning and off campus programs;
  7. Review and periodic evaluations of academic programs;
  8. Budgetary implications of the academic programs;
  9. Such other matters as may bear directly on standards of excellence in academic programs.

The Committee on Educational Policy shall have two subcommittees: (a) Undergraduate Education Subcommittee, (b) Graduate Education Subcommittee. The Committee may establish such other subcommittees as it deems necessary.