Duties of the Committee on Budget, Planning, and Priorities

The Committee on Budget, Planning, and Priorities shall regularly advise members of the Campus administration concerning: (1) the formulation of policies and procedures concerning the operating and capital budgets; (2) the allocation of funds requested by the Campus; (3) the allocation of funds appropriated to the Campus, and (4) develop, review, and assess implementation of long-term priorities and the relationships of these priorities to annual operations and capital budgets. The Committee shall also advise the Campus and University administration concerning policies and plans regarding the general mission and scope of the Campus, the size and composition of the student body, the development and modification of the academic structure, space utilization and the development of new facilities. Concerning these matters, it shall study national trends in the budget of the State which may affect the University and trends in the University budget which may affect the Campus. It shall monitor the allocation of funds to the University, to the Campus and among the different units of the Campus.

  1. The Chairperson shall represent the Senate on all University budget and planning groups to which the Senate is entitled representation. If the Senate is entitled to additional representatives, they shall be elected by and from among the elected Committee members.
  2. The Committee shall duly report on these matters and on its relations with the University and Campus administrations and make recommendations to the Senate.