Duties of the Committee on Academic Services

The Committee on Academic Services shall review policies regarding, and the performance of, units which provide support for academic programs. The Committee shall make appropriate recommendations for Senate action. In the fulfillment of its charge, the Committee shall organize itself in such a way as to meet its and the Senate’s need for giving advice on the function of the following campus services:

  1. the campus library (fulfilling the requirements of the University of Illinois Statutes, Article VI, Paragraph e. and f.;
  2. computer services;
  3. instructional resources.

The Committee shall serve as the Senate’s advisor to the directors of the relevant units on the formulation and implementation of policies governing operations of the units. Its shall advise the Chancellor on the appointment of, and on the periodic evaluation of, the directors of the relevant units. The Committee shall carry out similar activities regarding support services in all units other than those listed as mandated subcommittees (e.g. Educational Assistance Programs, Student Counseling, Student Placement, Testing Services).